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Sustainability Made Stylish

Learn about our handmade Pet Bio Jewelry made from the Amazon's Açai Seeds


The Beauty Behind Açai Seeds

The local culture is valued by the bio jewel, as it tells the history and customs of a certain people. As a typically Brazilian fruit, it is inevitable to link our Bio Collars to the Amazon Forest, and, therefore, to the culture and biodiversity of the northern region of Brazil. In addition to beauty and exuberance, your pet wearing our Bio Collar will express a sustainable position in relation to the environment.

The Process & The Environment

In the Amazon, bio jewels are made from açaí seeds that have already been cleaned, and are then ready to be sold as a natural element. Statistically, the açaí seed represents 85% of the fruit whereas the remaining 15% is pulp.

The use of the açaí by-product - the seed - as a natural element for the manufacture of biojewelry also solves a local environmental problem. It is estimated that 16 tons of seeds are discarded in the environment daily. Hence the importance of efforts to use this by-product in other sectors of the economy (industry, crafts and science).

Our Bio Collars and Sustainability

Our Bio Collars are considered a Bio Jewelry and we're very proud of every single one of them. 

What's a Bio Jewelry?

Bio Jewelry are jewelry produced from elements of nature, such as dried fruits, bones, seeds, bark, feathers, scales, shells, among others. And they gain the status of jewelry thanks to the use of noble raw materials – precious stones and metals, semi-precious stones, leather, crystals, etc.

To be considered a bio jewelry or natural jewelry, the environment must be respected throughout the production process, that is, the natural elements must be found directly in nature, without harming the environment, as well as the following stages of the manufacturing process.

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