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My name is Lila!

Learn about what we do and why we do it.

At our store, we offer a wide selection of pet food, treats and accessories that will keep your furry friend active, happy, and looking cute and stylish.


Whether you are looking to learn more about what we do or just want to pamper your pet, we've got you covered.


Visit us and let your pet find its paw-fect style!

About Lila Pawtique

About Lila Pawtique

At Lila Pawtique, we are more than just a Pet Boutique; we are a family-owned business that was created with a lot of love and care. Our mission is to provide pet lovers with cute, stylish, unique and exclusive accessories so that their furry friends can be pampered and spoiled. Besides the amazing Pet food and accessories brands we carry, we also design our Signature Branded products such as our Lila Collection - which includes a full set of harness, collar & leash, and our Pawz Lovers handmade bracelets Collection - made with natural stones and açai seeds, sustainably sourced in Brazil.

We understand how important our furry friends are and we strive to provide products that make them feel loved and taken care of. We carefully source for the best food brands out there that offer real food and high quality ingredients for your little 4-legged buddy so they can live longer and healthier.

About Lila

Lila is an  one-year-old pure toy Maltese who was born in Brazil and was brought to Canada by her grandma, a talent artisan.  As an adorable and spoiled little pup, Lila has brought so much life and joy to our family. She's very friendly and makes sure she welcomes everyone she sees. Her favourite spot in the house is the living room window where she "barks-greet" the neighbours. She has been the reason and inspiration for our business to happen and has helped us succeed and grow.

Fun Facts 

Favourite veggie: carrots - she's a veggie pooch!

Organic treats, especially Liver Bites are welcome anytime. 

Loves travelling: 3x on a plane + a few road trips including Brazil.

Takes off her parents socks when they come home - nobody else's!

Can't wait to see her parents ask "Let's go for a walk?" and "Please, get my leash!"

Get to sleep on her parents bed every night; and her grandma's when visiting her!

Spot in the house - living room's window where she greets the neighbours and her furry friends.

On social - Follow her pawprints on Instagram @lila_dogfofura

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